Bossieveld Mystique Craft Gin



1 x 500ml Bossieveld Mystique Craft Gin with Karoo Botanicals

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Bossieveld Mystique Craft Gin


500 ml

Tasting Notes

Karoobossies are many and varied, each with its own regional accent of aromas.  By combining extracts of plants from selected parts of the vast Karoo Bossieveld plains, the Mystique begins.  It is when these local essences complement the traditional gin botanicals, that the mysterious process starts to draw to its unforgettable conclusion:  a powerful, aromatic culmination of sweet fruit and angelica on the nose, and a wildly unexpected explosion of vanilla ice-cream on the palate! 



  • Best Fynbos Gin Category Winner SA Craft Gin Awards
  • Double Gold SA Craft Gin Awards
  • Gold Vitis Vinifera 2020
  • Gold SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards 2021
  • Gold medal @ Michelanglo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2020

Chemical Analysis

Alc. 43%

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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